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Echo Park home offers views and very bold interior design

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The recently remodeled home is asking $1.65 million

This tall four-bedroom, three bath residence in Echo Park features panoramic views across the city and over the hills to the Griffith Observatory and Hollywood sign. But visitors to the home could be forgiven for looking right past those sights and focusing in on the home’s not-so-subtle interior design.

The house features plenty of Hollywood Regency flair, with a hallway and stairwell decked out in black and white vertical stripes, patterned wallpaper in the bathrooms and bedrooms, and a dining area that features a black and white patterned floor to go along with black walls and a white ceiling.

The glam design style appears to have been part of an extensive remodel since the home was last purchased in 2012. Per the listing, the recent changes include the addition of new appliances, a wine storage system, and smart home features.

Built in 1921, the 2,963-square-foot home includes plenty of wide windows and balconies to take advantage of the excellent views. On a half-acre lot, it also features a spacious front driveway/courtyard. Behind the house, a brick pathway winds across the terraced hillside, with small garden areas and vegetation on both sides. Asking price is $1.649 million.