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Measure M would cost you about $25, says Metro

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More transit options for the price of two fancy cocktails

Updated at 12:05 p.m. October 14

If approved by voters this November, Measure M would help fund a slew of Metro transportation projects by imposing a new half-cent sales tax in Los Angeles County. The measure would generate $860 million a year for projects that include building a transit tunnel through the Sepulveda Pass and speeding up the Purple Line extension to the Veterans Administration campus in West Los Angeles.

KPCC reports that Metro calculations show that breaks down to about $25 per year, per person in Los Angeles County (not per household as originally reported by KPCC).

Those numbers come straight from Metro, but KPCC checked in with an independent economist who said that $25 sounds accurate. ("That’s just looking at sales tax receip ts and dividing them by the number of households," he said.)

The sales tax increase would mean that the county’s base tax rate would be 9.25 percent, but some cities within county lines already have their own add-ons over that base rate. Such cities as La Mirada and South Gate could see their sales tax scoot up to 10.25 percent, and Santa Monica’s sales tax would bump up to around 9.75 percent, KPCC finds.

A list of what the sales tax rate would be post-Measure M for a select group of local cities appears in the full article at KPCC.