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Metro bike share expanding to Pasadena

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400 bikes at 34 stations, coming this summer

The bike share craze is slowly spreading to more and more neighborhoods and cities around Los Angeles. Now, Metro’s system, launched earlier this year in Downtown LA, could expand a few miles north to Pasadena.

As the San Gabriel Valley Tribune reports, the city council voted Monday to enter into a contract with Metro for the launch of a two-year pilot program that would bring about 400 rentable bikes to the city. Those would be distributed across 34 stations, mostly centered around the Old Town area, and nearly all below the 210 Freeway.

According to a staff report, the system would be fully integrated into Metro’s current bike share service, with identical pricing. Currently, single rides cost $3.50 per half hour, while monthly passes can be purchased for $20 allowing unlimited free half hour rides; a yearly $40 flex pass is also available that discounts rides to $1.75—the same price as a ride on the bus or train.

Pasadena will be the second hub for the bike share program, but could soon be joined by Koreatown, MacArthur Park, and Echo Park. Eventually, Metro hopes to stock 254 stations with nearly 4,000 bicycles. Meanwhile, separate bike share programs have already gotten off the ground in Santa Monica, West Hollywood, and Long Beach.

Pasadena’s council also agreed to set aside over $850,000 in funds from Measure R to pay for the first year of the program. Under the agreement the city entered with Metro, it will front 65 percent of the operating costs and Metro will cover the rest. To help pay for the program, the city is hoping to bring in up to $120,000 annually selling advertising at the stations.

After the two year pilot program ends, the city has the option to renew its contract for an additional four years. With any luck, the bikes could start hitting the streets by this summer.