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The first of Johnny Depp’s Art Deco penthouses just sold for $2.54M

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Four more to go

That was fast. Escrow closed today on one of five penthouses Johnny Depp is trying to unload in the Eastern Columbia Lofts, the tall turquoise building with a clock tower in Downtown Los Angeles.

The condos were listed less than a month ago, in the wake of a volatile divorce from actress Amber Heard. Maybe Depp managed to make a sell so quickly because of the celebrity connection. Or maybe it’s because the loft is in a building considered to be one of the finest examples of Art Deco architecture in LA. Either way, Depp is pocketing $2.545 million for Penthouse 5, according to a spokesman for listing agent Kevin Dees.

The condo holds two bedrooms and three baths on two levels. At 2,500-square feet, it’s the largest of the Depp penthouses. The eccentric actor had asked $12.78 million for all five, but his listing agent also said he was willing to sell them off individually.

The Wall Street Journal had said that Depp kept each of the penthouses “largely separate, living in them ‘like rooms in a home.’” Penthouse 5 is special, because it has a wrap-around outdoor terrance that gives “the feeling of being completely private.” But not totallyyyy private.

We hear Penthouse 5 is connected to some of the actor’s other condos via “secret” passageways. So dark and mysterious. Just like Depp.

Take a peek inside the penthouses here.

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