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A new look at snazzy pedestrian bridge that will connect the Broad to the subway


The Regional Connector will link up the Blue, Expo, and Gold lines and add three new subway stops in Downtown, one of which will hook up to the Broad Museum via an elevator and a pedestrian bridge over Hope Street. The look of that bridge might be a little different than previously imagined, new renderings first spotted today by Urbanize LA show.

While older renderings had shown the bridge as more or less a classic elevated walkway—just a straight-across span over the cars below—the new images, taken from a presentation soon to be delivered to Metro’s Westside/Central Service Council, show a structure that offers more than just a route to get across the street. The revamped bridge is shaped a bit like an 8, and would offer some landscaping and even seating for those using the pathway.

A snazzier bridge makes sense here, considering it will connect the new subway stop to the Broad Museum via the plaza between the station and the institution. ULA says that museum officials are working with the county to find a way to make that plaza more inviting, possibly by adding some landscaping and seating there, too. (Inglewood-based architects FER Studio are doing the design work on the plaza.)

The Regional Connector will include the new Second/Hope Station, as well as stations at First and Central in Little Tokyo and at Second and Broadway in the Historic Core. It’s expected to be complete in 2021.