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Nestled in Beachwood Canyon, this Spanish-style home is full of vintage charm

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Beautiful rounded windows, a large and striking fireplace

This Beachwood Canyon Spanish hasn’t been on the market since 1965, which might account for the slight time capsule feel of the place. While elements like the avocado tile in one of the house’s two bathrooms and the pink and green checkerboard tile in the rear courtyard give the house a blast-from-the-past vibe, others seem timeless.

Originally built in 1926, the four-bedroom house’s two-story living room features a barrel ceiling; a trio of large, rounded windows; and an enormous fireplace with a massive mantle. Two of the dining room’s three walls are outfitted with three large, rounded windows, sending bright natural light into the room.

All the house’s bedrooms are a far cry from the 5,000-square-foot master suites modern spec homes might offer, but they are bright and include features like built-ins or a small balcony.

Behind the 2,362-square-foot residence, the house has a petite courtyard with the aforementioned pink and green flooring. Down a flight of stairs from the courtyard, there’s a large, flat backyard area that’s a blank slate in terms of landscaping. The lot measures just over 7,000 square feet in all.

This Beachwood dreamboat is listed for $1.7 million.