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All the Details on West Hollywood's Free Shuttle to the Hollywood/Highland Red Line Station

West Hollywood's been at work for a couple months getting ready to launch their new, free peak-hours shuttle service, CitylineX, that will directly link up WeHo and the Red Line station at Hollywood/Highland (and all the rail destinations accessible from there), and as of this month, it's up and running. Commuter-oriented CitylineX buses have seven morning trips and five evening trips, says the release from the city of West Hollywood. Here's where to hop on:

CitylineX mini-buses headed east will take off from the West Hollywood Library; westward shuttles will leave from the west side of Highland Avenue between Hawthorn and Hollywood. Both routes will travel Santa Monica Boulevard. The Source points out that while there are already a few buses that travel between WeHo and Hollywood, but the CitylineX offers the most direct path between Hollywood/Highland and Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood. The route is a six-month pilot program; after that, WeHo will evaluate the line to see if it'll continue offering the the service.

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