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Los Angeles Has Rocketed Up the List of Bedbuggiest Cities

On the 2014 Terminix list of most bedbug-riddled cities in the nation, the Los Angeles metro area was number 14. But on the most recent 2015 list out from the pest control company, LA has rocketed through the ranks all the way to the number four spot. It's a huge victory for bedbugs and a crushing defeat for the blood-filled humans of LA. Terminix compiled its horrific list (via BoingBoing) by adding up "inbound lead data from the more than 300 [of its] branches across the country," and then ranking metros according to the volume of calls from January to mid-December last year. See the top 10 bedbuggiest cities:

This year was a big, sad victory for Philly, which was unseated from its four-year position at the top of the list by Detroit.

1) Detroit, MI
2) Philadelphia, PA
3) Cleveland-Akron, OH
4) Los Angeles, CA
5) Dayton, OH
6) Chicago, IL
7) Columbus, OH
8) Cincinnati, OH
9) Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
10) San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA
· Detroit Lands Top Spot; Ohio Cities Claim Five Spots [ServiceMaster]