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Tesla and Competitors Fuel Housing Boom in Nevada

Welcome back to Property Lines, a column by veteran real estate reporter Alexei Barrionuevo. Each week on Tuesday, Barrionuevo will report on housing trends, real estate deals, and major business moves right here on Curbed.

The Santa Maria Ranch will bring 2,214 new homes to Nevada's Dayton Valley outside of Carson City. Photo via the Santa Maria Ranch/Nevada Style.

In the 1860s, gold and silver discoveries spurred a short-lived economic boom in Nevada. Hundreds of prospectors flooded into the hillsides of what is today the western edge of the state, many of them coming from the gold mines of California. Men like Henry Comstock, for whom a giant silver lode was named, scrambled to stake their claims in a wide-open frontier.

Today, it's electric car plants and data centers that are setting the stage for a modern-day economic transformation in a state still sweeping away the ash from the fire sales ignited by the recent housing bust. Once again, California opportunists may be among the biggest beneficiaries of a new mini-housing boom. Over the past year Tesla Motors and Faraday Future, the electric car manufacturers, have announced massive new operations in Nevada, and as a result, the state needs to add tens of thousands of new housing units.

Some 80,000 new residents will arrive by 2020. >>