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Pretty Maps Reveal Los Angeles's Favorite Places to Walk and Bike in 2015

This lovely, glowing blue map comes courtesy of Strava, an app that collects data from users on where they're running or biking. Instead of just showing which routes its users are traveling the most (as they've previously done), they've now used the data to map where app users were going in 2014 and where they went in 2015. The slider across the map shows 2014's popular routes on the left and 2015's favorites on the right, and the brighter the blue, the more people have taken that path. (The map also allows viewers to toggle between bike routes, running routes, or see both at once.) These maps might be a good place to start to see which roads and trails have gained popularity, and which spots to seek out if you're looking to exercise on a busy path (or to enjoy a solitary bike ride).

With 2014 on the left and 2015 on the right, here are a couple busy areas for both bikers and runners in Los Angeles:

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