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13 Wildest Images of Today's Monster Los Angeles Rainstorm

Parched and drought-stricken Los Angeles is finally set up to receive a succession of rainy days; it began in earnest this morning and the double-edged nature of this rain sword is already apparent. The rain has brought water in its first several hours, yes, but it's brought repercussions along with it, like flooding and road closures. Weather experts have predicted that the whole week is going to be a wet one (more on that below); that kind of slow, steady rainfall over time is just what one expert warned makes everything "soggy and unstable" and potentially dangerous. Before things get totally out of control, here are a few images that attempt to get a handle on what's going on out there after just about half a day of good rain.

Here's what the rain looks like from a scientific point of view:

And to those on the streets, it looks more like that stranded Mini Cooper:

Gone puddle jumping #larain

A photo posted by Courtney Callaway (@courtneyacal) on

Is this considered an 'object' in the road, Waze? Because they are everywhere. PSA legit rain, y'all. #LArain #LAflood

A photo posted by SchillerTails (@schillertails) on

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