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Some LA Area Districts Missed Their Water Conservation Goals Last Month

LA Department of Water and Power customers aren't out of the clear yet on saving water, regardless of how wet it is outside. MyNewsLA reports that LADWP, along with a handful of other local-ish water districts missed the mark last month on their conservation goals. Information from the State Water Resources Control Board shows that in November, the LADWP's users only cut their water use by 10.1 percent compared to the same month in 2013, which is not quite meeting their 16 percent state-issued conservation goal. (Overall, LADWP customers have reduced usage 17.1 percent since June.)

Among the thirstier cities was that usual suspect, Beverly Hills, whose four consecutive months of not meeting their target got them hit with a $61,000 fine in the fall. A few cities and water districts listed below, followed by their conservation targets (left) and their monthly savings in November as compared to November 2013 (right).

Beverly Hills: 32 / 13.3
El Segundo: 20/ 3
Hawthorne: 16 / 4
LADWP: 16 / 10.1
Las Virgenes Water District: 36 / 13.8
Manhattan Beach: 20 / 14.9
Pasadena: 28 / 15.4
San Fernando (city): 24 / 12.9

Overall, the state cut back just 20.3 percent in November (not quite the 25 percent that was mandated) but cumulative water use is down 26.3 percent since June. The good news, says a rep for the State Water Resources Control Board, is that "We expected the percentage drop in the cooler fall and winter months when we use less water in general so we are still on track." The water board is currently considering making slight adjustments to the water targets that are more reflective of the climate and other factors.

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