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This Drone Video Shows the Beauty of an Empty Venice Beach

A day in Venice Beach always sounds better in theory than in practice. Often a trip is preceded by some poor rube uttering the phrase "we haven't been there in forever," all the while forgetting past Venice traumas. Then, about 20 minutes in, the pain of previous trips down the boardwalk come flooding back, and panic takes hold somewhere between the funnel cake stand and the people that elect to bodybuild in public. The parking is a nightmare, there are unironic drum circles, not to mention the whole neighborhood's unfortunate association with the Doors and ever-present threat of creating another Jim Morrison. Venice Beach is an acquired taste at best. It's like Citywalk without the neon, a Hollywood Boulevard with ocean mists.

Which makes this drone video from Robert McIntosh especially heartbreaking. Look how serene and heavenly Venice looks at dawn before it's inundated with tourists, street performers, and novelty t-shirt salesmen. There are empty parking spots and no traffic! Is this the Venice we could be experiencing? Not only does this video capture the beauty of a near-empty Venice Beach at dawn, it also shows off some impressive drone flying. How did they fly it through the Venice sign on Windward Ave!?

Rise & Shine from Robert McIntosh on Vimeo.

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