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Original Owners Selling Gorge Mid-Century Modern By Raphael Soriano in Studio City

Known as both the Grossman Residence and El Paradiso (a nickname the architect himself gave the house), this Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument in Studio City is the work of defining Mid-Century Modernist Raphael Soriano. The latter nickname, the LA Times reported back in the house's birth year of 1964, was at least partly because the aluminum, steel, and glass house was a veritable paradise "for people who hate to paint." "All I do is wash the windows," owner Albert Grossman reportedly told his guests.

The house—"[b]elieved to be the last of Soriano's projects [still] occupied by the commissioning party"—is laid out around a skylight-covered solarium and features a wealth of glass walls. The residence has predominantly terrazzo floors throughout its 3,886 square feet, which includes four bedrooms and three bathrooms. The master bedroom also benefits from giant walls of glass, and has a lovely view of the backyard pool. Outdoor spaces like the patio and poolside are accented by "perforated aluminum walls." The pricetag on this fabulous mid-century specimen? $2.895 million.

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