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Rent a One-Bedroom Cottage in Culver City's Famous Hobbit Compound For $1,695

Located not in Middle Earth but just a block from Sony Studios, Culver City's beloved "Hobbit Houses" were designed and built by Disney artist/carpenter Lawrence Joseph between 1946 and 1970. The quirky Storybook-style compound consists of one single-family dwelling plus two cottages divided into multiple units, one of which is now up for grabs via Craigslist. According to the posting, the available unit is located on the cottage's upper level and features one bedroom, one bath, a "rustic galley style kitchen with range and refrigerator and built-in dinette set," as well as a "spacious living room with original details, built-in furniture and a 15 foot + ceiling." Worrisomely, there's no reference to a dedicated parking space, but if that doesn't scare you off, monthly rent is $1,695.

$1695 / 1br - Enchanting 1+1 Apartment in Downtown Culver City [Craigslist]