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Fly Through the Flashy New NFL Stadium Coming to Inglewood

LA's definitely locked down a football team for the coming season, but it's going to be a couple of years before the totally futuristic-looking, over $2-billion stadium will be complete. However, between now and then, there are a few things to keep us pumped for the forthcoming stadium: Urbanize LA's found a new image of the LA Rams's future residence that shows off its wild, more-or-less see-through roof. The image was apparently hidden in plain sight "on the Rams' season ticket deposit website."

Urbanize also has a video, posted by the Los Angeles Rams Youtube account, that pairs epic music (that might be Coldplay?) with a full fly-through tour of the whole venue, inside and out. The stadium will have room for over 70,000 football maniacs, plus room for more than 100,000 people in standing-room-only conditions. If everything goes according to plan, the stadium is supposed to be complete in 2019.

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