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Buy Into the Hottest Los Angeles Neighborhood of 2016 at a Median Price of $699,000

Attention to those lucky enough to be realistically considering buying a house in the next year: Redfin's made its annual prediction of the three hottest real estate neighborhoods in Los Angeles for 2016, and they are all probably places you were already looking (or have been priced out of, depending on your budget). At the top of the list? Mt. Washington, a 'hood that, as one agent working in the area notes, is snuggled right up against two other desirable neighborhoods and past hottest 'hood winners, Eagle Rock and Highland Park. The whole of Northeast LA is heating up, housing-price-wise, so it makes sense that 2016 would bring more of the same.

Mt. Washington has a wealth of architecturally exciting houses, those charming windy roads, and a good elementary school, so it's not much of a shocker that this 'hood will be hot in the next year. If anything, it's surprising it didn't earn the distinction earlier. Also on the list are Glendale's Adams Square and the ever-popular Larchmont. None of the three have a median sale price under $620,000, with Larchmont's median reaching a formidable $884,500.

Redfin's super-scientific predictions are made based on where they've noticed the most interest from people visiting their their site, whether it's through searches for homes in that neighborhood or through users marking homes there as their "favorite." However, Redfin has, in the past, singled out still-booming Highland Park, stroller-heavy Eagle Rock, and Westside sleeper Cheviot Hills as rising 'hoods, and those places are indeed hotspots today. Their national top-10 list only included two SoCal neighborhoods, though, one in Irvine (El Camino Real) and the other in Ventura (Midtown).

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