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Take a Very Colorful Tour Through Venice's Mosaic Tile House

In 1994, artist Cheri Pann bought a small, kind of boring house in Venice, with the idea of adding a big, studio to the side. While that was getting off the ground, Pann and her artist boyfriend, Gonzalo Duran (who she'd hired to build the studio), started "fiddling around with the ugly house," they tell Houzz. Remaking the residence bloomed into a full-on, full-time project that's been evolving and growing for more than 20 years, into what is now known as the Mosaic Tile House. Pann and Duran divide the work, with Cheri making all the tiles and Gonzalo artfully attaching them (along with silverware, tools, and anything not nailed down) to every reachable surface inside and outside.

The work-in-progress house is open for tours (by appointment) and is likely to have new additions all the time: Pann and Duran told the LA Times back in 2003 that they thought they'd be done in 10 more years, but looks like they just couldn't stop.

· First Comes Love, Then Comes a Wildly Colorful Mosaic Home [Houzz]