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The Sixth Street Viaduct's 8 Greatest Appearances in Movies, Music Videos, and Video Games

The Sixth Street Viaduct in Downtown Los Angeles is scheduled to close today to begin prepping for its demolition. (Next week, a nearby segment of the 101 Freeway will shut down for 40 hours because of the demo.) The 1932 bridge and landmark, which is being torn down because it has "concrete cancer" that makes it potentially earthquake unsafe, has already had a showy going-away party with fireworks and live music, and it'll be replaced with a swoopy new icon set to open around 2019. But while the physical viaduct will leave us, its memory will live on in its many appearances in movies and music videos and even video games. The bridge was the third most filmed-at location in LA last year, and it's long been a favorite spot of location scouts. We've put together a collection of some our favorite Sixth Street Bridge cameos, images that we'll have forever to remember our fallen friend.



Repo Man

↑ In the Nicholas Cage/Angeline Jolie vehicle Gone In 60 Seconds

↑ In Missy Elliot's "WTF (Where They From)." (Here's a guide to the video's locations throughout Downtown.)

↑ From Kanye West's "Jesus Walks" (the original version; there was a later, totally different video made for the song too).

↑ In the Foo Fighters's video for "Walk," in which Dave Grohl plays a man so frustrated by LA traffic, he gets out of his car and walks.

↑ The Sixth Street Viaduct also showed up in video games including Grand Theft Auto and this one, LA Noire. This video tour of the game's landmarks is set to start at the viaduct.
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Sixth Street Viaduct

Whittier Blvd. & E. Sixth St., Los Angeles, CA