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Four Potential Designs Revealed For Grand Park Extension in LA's Civic Center

Since 2013, Los Angeles has been at work to transform a lot at First Street and Broadway, known for its vast numbers of feral cats, into a new park that'll act as a small extension of the vast Grand Park. The cats have been relocated and demolition last year removed the remains of a parking structure, and now Urbanize LA has news from the next phase: design selection for the City-Hall-adjacent park. Four teams have presented plans for the two-acre Civic Park: AECOM, Brooks + Scarpa, Eric Owen Moss, and Mia Lehrer + Associates. Here are the images from their presentations:


The central feature of AECOM's design is a big lawn (putting the green in green space) with buildings on the borders of the property that would hold a restaurant and gallery and be topped with green roofs.
Brooks + Scarpa

In Brooks + Scarpa's plan, part of the park land along Broadway (the northern part) would have what ULA describes as "undulating grassy ribbons" that double as the living roof of an event space. The other half of the park would keep the ribbon theme going, but with non-plant "hardscape" in place of grass, and possibly a piece of public art.
Eric Owen Moss Architects

Eric Owen Moss's vision for the space is definitely the most out-there of the bunch. The immediate focal point in the preliminary renderings is the centrally located, asymmetrical white structure, which is an event space (inside) covered in a material that will allow it to double as a projection surface (outside), because who doesn't love outdoor movies? The Teletubby-like mounds are really green roofs that cover an underground restaurant and a gallery; the surface of the mounds is also useable as an event space. This plan also includes two amphitheaters and a "hide-and-seek forest."
Mia Lehrer + Associates

Mia Lehrer + Associates' proposal would center on non-plant materials (like concrete, for example), but be surrounded by plenty of green space in the form of gardens and trees. Green roofs and plenty of shade structures mix in among restaurants and a beer garden.

The complete presentation boards as well as 3D models of the designs are on display now at the Department of Building and Safety at 220 North Figueroa.
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Grand Park

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