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See St. Louis Rams Fans Go Through the Five Stages of Grief Over Losing Their Team to LA

Well, it's finally official. The NFL is headed back to Los Angeles. The Rams are leaving St. Louis for the City of Angels (well, the city of Inglewood), and while that may be good news for LA sports fans, St. Louis Rams diehards are left to pick up the pieces from this devastating loss. A quick geosearch of tweets from the St. Louis area in the hours since the announcement shows fans going through all five stages of grief in dealing with the loss of the Rams. The denial stage was mostly over long ago, as this move has been in the works for some time now. Then they get into the bargaining and depression stages. St. Louis lingers in the anger stage of grief, perhaps a bit too long, getting in some good digs at LA, but finally the acceptance stage is reached, and St. Louis moves on, making disposal plans for all that St. Louis Rams apparel and memorabilia.

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