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This Over-the-Top Mansion in Palos Verdes Comes with a Ferrari and Airplane for $28 Million

Looking to live the sweet life, jet setting to Vegas on the reg, hemorrhaging money at every turn? How about calling Palos Verdes Estates home? This six-bedroom, eight-bathroom "Tuscan estate" can be yours for just $28 million. A high price to pay sure, but this house is something different. It's...elaborate. This baby is 10,100 square foot of some serious faux-palatial living. The home has all the mega-mansion perks we've come to expect: tennis court, home theater, koi pond, multiple balconies, plus a swimming pool "inspired by the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas."

Any inhabitants experiencing faintness or dizzy spells from the sheer amount of patterns in the house can seek solace in what looks to be an absolutely breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean. But there's more! Not only do you get the house, you get all the crazy crap inside. We're talking suits of armor, chaise lounges, and canopy beds a-plenty. It looks like an interior design student hit the Powerball shortly after their very first trip to Europe.

If the house and decor alone isn't enough to appeal to your complete lack of moderation, perhaps you'll be interested in the sports car and airplane that are included in the price of the home. Yes, to entice you to purchase this Hearst-Castle-meets-Las-Vegas-meets-Medieval-Times mash-up, the owner is also throwing in the keys to their 2011 Ferrari (red, natch) and Cirrus SR22 Twin Turbo airplane.

705 Via La Cuesta [Estately]