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Holy Smokes, the Playboy Mansion is For Sale For More Than $200 Million

A few months ago, Playboy Enterprises knocked us all for a loop with the announcement that it would no longer be publishing nudie pix. Stirring things up further this weekend is the news that the legendary Playboy Mansion is about to hit the market. According to TMZ, the Holmby Hills estate—designed by Arthur Kelly in 1927 and sitting on a whole lot of land on one of the most desirable blocks in Los Angeles—will be listed sometime within the next month with an astronomical asking price: "north of $200 million," which is expected to be knocked down to something more reasonable, like in the $80 to $90-million range. What's more, TMZ's sources say, conditions of the sale will stipulate that Hef can continue to live in the mansion until he dies. Which kinda sounds like the basis of a great reality show, doesn't it?

Playboy Mansion

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