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CicLAvias in the Valley and Southeast LA/Watts Coming in the First Half of 2016

CicLAvia, the one-day event that opens streets to people and closes them to cars, has one more event this year (in October), but it's already gearing up for its 2016 roster. Thanks to a memo to the LA City Council's Transportation Committee (via CiclaValley), we know have dates and locations for two events, one taking over Van Nuys and Pacoima, and the other set to transform the streets of Southeast LA and part of Watts in a "Southeast Cities" CicLAvia.

It seems like CicLAvia's previously announced plans to have a Valley event every spring are working out so far. Last March, the SFV held its first CicLAvia and now another is scheduled for March 2016 in Pacoima and Van Nuys. While the memo doesn't specify a route, CiclaValley speculates that it could be along Van Nuys Boulevard, north of the Orange Line. Van Nuys Boulevard in this area was previously a contender for a CicLAvia, but at this point, it's still just a really good, educated guess.

The CicLAvia coming to Southeast LA has a specific date, which hopefully means that coordinators have dealt with all the trouble of figuring out where to put that route. The event—previously planned to run through Huntington Park, Lynwood, South Gate, and parts of LA, including Watts—is set for May 15, 2016. Though there is no exact route information for this ride either, the most popular option last summer mostly traveled along a stretch of Pacific Boulevard/Long Beach Boulevard, splintering off west to the Watts Towers and east to the LA River. It seems pretty likely, though, that tweaks to that option have been made since then. We'll just have to wait and see.
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