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Beverly Hills Residents Panicking Over Rumors of a Pool Ban

Beverly Hills will resist a subway and bike lanes until its dying day most likely, but it totally loses it when its pools are thought to be under attack. Many residents of the city are terrified that in the very near future, the city will put a ban on building new pools. They're so scared that they're flooding the offices of landscape designers and pool builders with calls. What they don't know is that their worst fear is probably never going to happen, because a ban like that isn't even being considered, a Bev Hills rep tells The Hollywood Reporter. "It's just a rumor," she adds.

Beverly Hills did pass water restrictions that prohibit people from draining and refilling their pools unless there's a serious risk to health or safety (read: unless someone poops in your pool), but new pools are allowed, said the rep, provided that the property owner either saves an equivalent amount of water elsewhere on the property or pay a feee that goes toward a "water conservation fund." (Which should be no problem if you're building a pool in Beverly Hills.)

Those still unsettled by the totally imagined, non-real specter of a pool moratorium might do well to consider purchasing one of these fine Beverly Hills homes that already comes with a pool. Don't like the house? Tear it down, but do so around that precious, precious swimming pool.

↑ The $29-million mansion in the background is nice and all, but that pool is the show-stealer for sure. It includes gold leaf details and an elaborate design constructed of hand-painted tiles.

↑ From its incredible vantage point, this pool overlooks everything anyone could possibly want to see in a view of LA. It and the mansion behind it are on the market, reportedly for $135 million. The eventual buyers will be neighbors of Minecraft creator/sad billionaire Markus "Notch" Persson, whose pool is also cool, but is not for sale.

↑ This lovely pool is a handsome compliment to the fabulous Mid-Century house behind it. Those palm trees, that view—put some booze in a coconut and you're basically on vacation. The house and its pool are asking $24 million.

↑ Yowza! This is a perfect pool. The house isn't too shabby, either. The whole package is just $12.5 million—a steal!

↑ One pool? Just the one? Oh, that's cute. The Palazzo di Amore may be hideous, but what it lacks in class, it makes up for in pools and wasteful water features. Of course, this kind of luxury costs. The compound is listed for $195 million.
· Don't Fret, Beverly Hills: Your Pools Are Safe [THR]