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Huell Howser's Volcano-Top Saucer House in the Mojave Desert is For Sale and It's Mindblowingly Amazing

It's surely not a coincidence that the most amaaazing house in California, maybe the US, maybe the world, perhaps the universe, belonged to beloved and frequently awed broadcaster Huell Howser. The next most appropriate owner would obviously be a supervillain hellbent on world domination, like Dick Cheney or Taylor Swift or someone. The Volcano House is a saucer-shaped house perched on top of an actual volcanic cinder cone, with a wraparound observation deck to gaze out on its 60 acres of scorched Mojave Desert … and beyond!

The house has two bedrooms and two bathrooms in its classic, curving Mid-Century interior, plus a separate two-story building with a garage and an upstairs apartment for your minions. According to PropertyShark, the house now belongs to Chapman University, to which Howser left many of his things. They're asking $650,000.

The house Howser called his "dream home," in Twentynine Palms, has been renovated by a private owner and is up for rent for vacations, events, and photo shoots.

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