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Hollywood Hills Residents Worry That Wild Party House is Turning Into the "Next Playboy Mansion"

Bastian and Maria Yotta are just like any young couple, really. They rent a 12,500 square foot mansion in the Hollywood Dell neighborhood in the Hollywood Hills for $22,000 a month, run a life coaching business for hot women out of their home, and they recently commissioned a mural of themselves to plaster on their garage. Totally normal. But even being the upstanding citizens they are, their neighbors seem to have it in for them. Residents in the quiet Dell think the mural is a sure sign that the Yottas are turning their house into the next Playboy Mansion, says KTLA (seen via LAist). The nerve!

The problem, aside from the gaudy self-tribute garage mural, is all the raging parties the Yottas have been throwing lately. Past parties have included a guest list of 350 people, plenty of bikini babes, and even a caged lion for some reason. Authorities have since confiscated the lion, but the parties are not stopping. Developer Danny Fitzgerald owns the mansion and sees no problem with his tenants. "You gotta let people that are renting a big, beautiful mansion and paying a lot do what they want" do what they want, he told KTLA.

Fitzgerald also thinks the neighbors aren't the ones that called the cops on the four houses that he owns on the street 96 times in the past four years. (long before the Yottas moved into their rental). Fitzgerald is also the owner of the infamous Justin Bieber rental a few doors down, where a Playboy TV reality show about swingers, the cast of 2011's American Idol, and a fitness center have all been tenants. Still, he believes it's actually a conspiracy being hatched by the Hollywood Dell Neighborhood Association. "The Hollywood Dell Association is a group of vigilantes that just want to mess with me and mess with anyone in this neighborhood so they instruct everybody 'call the police as much as you can,'" Fitzgerald said.

One neighbor has a difference of opinion. "We get cars broken into here. We have the afterparty on the street. We have a lot of problems after these parties," she explained. Fitzgerald told KTLA that though there have been nearly 100 calls to the police in the last four years, there have only been two tickets. —Jeff Wattenhofer

1 Lion 45 Police Officer 350 Guests a lot of sexy girls... Means the yotta couple had a party

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