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360-Degree Video Lets You Tour Griffith Park's Illicit, Now-Gone Teahouse

Back in July, an adorable, unpermitted teahouse appeared on a hilltop in Griffith Park, the work of a group of artist friends who built it in the cover of night. The charming retreat was a hit, perhaps in part because, since it didn't have permits, people guessed it wouldn't be around for long. (They were right.) Though it's gone now, someone "had the foresight to haul in some equipment to record the experience as virtual reality," says Modern Hiker. The result was that there's now a video of the teahouse—inside and out—that gives viewers the ability to look around and control the view.

The Griffith Park Teahouse isn't quite gone forever. In the end, the artists turned the teahouse over to the city, which didn't want to trash it ("Because everybody loves it, we don't want to destroy it, said a rep.), but which couldn't leave the illegal structure up either. The teahouse is now sitting in a city yard, waiting to go to its next home, but since it's not been decided yet where that home will be, it's probably just easier to visit it through this rad video, created by Beard and Glasses VR. The occasional clanging of the teahouse bell and the fluttering shadows of the ornaments hanging from the roof are soothing, even through a computer screen.

To change the view in the video, just put the cursor over the image, grab, and shift.

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