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New Rules for Digital and Traditional Billboards Almost Ready After Six Years

LA's sure taken its time passing new rules for billboards (six years!), but finally, they're getting close to approving at least some of them. Today, the Planning Commission will look over the newer additions to a draft ordinance that would tie up loose ends for unpermitted billboards and institute new "takedown ratios," says KPCC. The latter would require that for every two billboards that are created, one has to come down. Another added element would also legalize 942 billboards whose permits either never existed or were lost by the city at some point.

Another new part of the draft ordinance could create about a dozen new sign districts "if land owners had already applied for them." After the Planning Commission looks over the new sections of the proposal, they'll give their recommendation to the full City Council. The City Council already has one version of the ordinance (the one without the new additions) that was sent to them by their Planning and Land Use Management Committee, so they can decide whether to wait for the Planning Commission's official opinion or go ahead without it. With all this back-and-forth, it's no wonder this took six years to get (almost) done.
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