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Here Are the Luxurious Los Angeles Mansions of the Five Richest Men in Hip-Hop

LA's known as a general celebrity haven, but apparently we're especially popular with people who make their money in music. Business Insider— using the yearly Forbes list that ranks hip-hop stars by their annual profits—figured out which five hip-hop artists made the most money in the last year and, as it turns outs, they all live in LA. (The list included women, too; the top five were just guys.) Topping the list was Diddy, who doesn't even perform anymore, but who nevertheless made $60 million last year alone. Who else made the cut?

↑ Multiple-Grammy-winner Pharrell (#5 on this year's list; $32 million), ever stylish, bought this Laurel Canyon architectural house designed by Belzberg Architects in May. The residence sits on a 1.55-acre property, and has a two-story guesthouse, an infinity pool, and a fancy motor court. It's also got a deck on top of the garage transforms into an outdoor screening room. Pharell paid $7.14 million.

↑ Not long after we heard that Beats Electronics, which Dr. Dre co-founded, sold to Apple for $3 billion, it was also revealed that the Doctor (#4; $33 million) bought the famed home of Deflategater/New England Patriot Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen for $40 million. The incredibly expansive house was built by megamansion wizard Richard Landry, and comes with five bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and a moat.

↑ Canadian rapper and Serena Williams' arm-candy Drake (#3; $39.5 million) has a lavish pad in Hidden Hills that's become quite the epic party house. The six-bedroom estate has a game room, a 28-person theater, a spa and massage room, a gym, and all sorts of fun outdoor amenities—a tennis court, a volleyball court, an equestrian ring, stables. (Maybe that's why everyone wants to party there?) He bought the place for just $7.7 million from Saddle Ranch owner Larry Pollack in 2012.

Jay-Z (#2 on the list; $56 million), Beyoncé, and Blue Ivy were enjoying life in this spectacular spec house in Holmby Hills until very, very recently, when they were given the heads-up that they were being booted out because the house— which they had been renting for $150,000 a month— was being sold. (The sale is pending, but it was last listed for $35.5 million.) Hopefully, they stay in Los Angeles.

[Diddy via DFree / Shutterstock]

↑ At the top of the list, making $60 million last year, is Diddy, whose $39-million Holmby Hills mansion is NUTS. Like, underwater-tunnel nuts. The 17,000-square-foot estate has a 35-seat theater, a wine room, an on-site beauty salon. The two-story mansion was developed by the famous Nile Niami, who is currently working to build a $500-million megamansion.

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