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Guy Would Rather Try to Hitchhike in LA Than Take the Metro Bus Behind Him

Jack Kerouac has been dead for almost fifty years, but his beat spirit apparently lives on in LA. Check out this fellow who claims hitchhiking in Santa Monica is no sweat. Sure, he strikes out a couple of times, but by gum, people actually let this stranger into their car. (Of course, it helps if you're a white, non-threatening doofus.) We're not quite sure we're ready to make the switch to hitchhiking as a mode of transportation just yet, especially with all those bus stops in the frame enticing us with safe, cheap travel. At one point the guy is standing right in front of a big fat Metro Rapid bus. Dude, we're trying to get a sustainable mobility plan off the ground! Pay your buck seventy-five bus fare and support the cause! —Jeff Wattenhofer

· Hitchhiking in Los Angeles | Social Experiment [Youtube]