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The Kardashians Have Ruined Surprise Late-Night Boat Fireworks For Everyone

A Kardashian throws one unannounced, late-night fireworks show and the effects ripple out throughout the city for weeks. Last week, Khloe Kardashian threw a yacht party in Marina del Rey for her boyfriend, NBA star James Harden, and capped things off with an eight-minute fireworks display at midnight. The neighborhood freaked out, mostly on Twitter (Councilmember Mike Bonin coined a new hashtag: #stupidrude) and many residents called local law enforcement and local government reps, who are now looking to make sure this never happens again. (Khloe and her mom, Kris Jenner, are being sued in small claims court by a dozen neighbors who say they suffered "distress.") The show was technically legal, but, says the LA Times, the LA County Board of Supervisors is taking action to make sure it won't be for long.

County Supes have given Fire Chief Daryl Osby a one-month deadline to devise and present "a corrective action plan" that will effectively end late-night, weeknight disturbances like this firework show, which did not need a permit to shoot off a barrage of fireworks around midnight on Tuesday/Wednesday last week because it took place a mile from the marina and over open water. The Coast Guard takes over that far from land, and they say the show did pass a safety checklist.

The LA Fire Department was already considering its own measures to keep a similar PR shitshow from going down again, saying that "future outdoor fireworks displays consider time of day and appropriate community outreach."
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