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Atwater Village Getting a Fancy New LA River Pathway

The LA River north of Downtown is a tale of two pathways. On the west side of the river, a smooth and well-marked pedestrian pathway complete with cafes and bike repair shops. On the east side, an ugly and uneven asphalt nightmare of a path where garbage is regularly dumped amid weeds and graffiti. It's a disgrace, and Atwater Village has had enough! The neighborhood is looking to upgrade their portion of the worn and neglected river path from asphalt eyesore to state-of-the-art scenic walkway. They've got some help too. The Los Angeles City Council has adopted a motion to apply for $500,000 in grant money from the California Natural Resources Agency to fund improvements to the Atwater Village East Bank Riverway project, reports The Eastsider.

Councilmember Mitch O'Farrell is behind the motion that will not only repave the asphalt trail on the Atwater side of the river, but also add many technical and aesthetic enhancements. According to the motion, the proposed design plans for the river path includes:

— Lining the trail with California native plants
— The use of porous trail surfaces and bioswales for water conservation
— Artwork and a living habitat wall to interpret the natural and cultural history of the Los Angeles River
— The Project will also repurpose some of the material culled from demolition, and irrigate habitat planting beds with recycled water

The funding is only for improvements to a one-mile section of the path with the hopes of eventually upgrading all four miles of the existing pathway. A lot more work will have to be done to create a continuous path on the east side of the river, though. Several major streets intersect the walkway, and will have to be bypassed either by underpass or crosswalk to maintain a continuous flow. —Jeff Wattenhofer
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