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Los Angeles's New 2024 Olympics Bid Video is So Thirsty

When watching the new promotional video for Los Angeles's 2024 Olympic bid, you might be asking yourself, is everyone in Los Angeles under the age of 30? Set to the sounds of a mightily epic Arcade Fire tune (taken from the Where the Wild Things Are trailer, not incidentally), the video depicts the city life of young athletes, young entrepreneurs, and young young people. Superimposed over shots of our picturesque city are phrases touting a modern city, diversity, and digital startups. It's a beautiful video to be sure, but who exactly is it for?

Turns out it's a very direct appeal to very specific concerns on the International Olympic Committee that were outlined in their Agenda 2020 plan on the future of Olympic bids. IOC President Thomas Bach, in his speech introducing the plan, stated "We need to change because sport today is too important in society to ignore the rest of society. We are not living on an island, we are living in the middle of a modern, diverse, digital society."

Hmm, a modern, diverse, digital society? Sounds like something from a video we just saw ...—Jeff Wattenhofer
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