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Get the Full Experience of Riding on the Expo Line Without Going Anywhere at All

The future is here, and it is in the round. This video from 360-degree video production firm Reveal VR may look like ordinary, passenger-view footage of a ride on the Expo Line, but the directional icon in the top left corner of the video allows viewers to adjust the view to see behind them or wherever the heck they want to look. Go ahead, enjoy the view out of the window of your choosing or stare at the guy next to you for the entire duration of the short video—the power is yours!

Those looking for even more control over the view will be happy to know it can also be adjusted manually; just hover the mouse over the screen until the hand icon appears, then grab and shift like a Google map. Reveal VR has made similar videos of the Seventh/Metro train station and a few other Downtown scenes, like the 110 Freeway from Wilshire or the Staples Center, but this one is definitely one of the most interesting to look around in.

· reveal vr - 360 video: LA Expo line [YouTube]