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Scarily Hostile Mar Vista Residents Don't Want Depressed and Anxious People Living Near Them

Today's cruelest Los Angeles neighborhood of the day is … Mar Vista! Mar Vistans packed a community meeting last month to make clear that a five-bedroom group home for people with severe anxiety, depression, and emotional trauma "would not receive a warm welcome to the neighborhood," reports the Argonaut. Apparently a group in the area "has become increasingly vocal" about the fact that they believe their wealth and ability to use their cars with ease is more important than the lives and treatment of their fellow human beings, or "that a proliferation of recovery-oriented living facilities could devalue single-family homes and exacerbate traffic and parking woes." However you want to put it.

Psychological Care & Healing Treatment Center houses people who are recovering from trauma, depression, severe anxiety, and other psychological issues, but would only house them in the Mar Vista house; the treatment would be done at an actual clinic nearby on Venice Boulevard. Cofounder Dr. Terry Krekorian was shouted down at the community meeting as he tried to explain this; he also mentioned that someone had "intentionally flattened the tires" of an employee at another of the center's group homes, to which someone in the crowd responded with a lack of empathy so terrifyingly antisocial it makes you think maybe she should be in treatment: "Then take the hint and go!"

Neighbors are sick of their neighborhood being overrun by treatment facilities, which include "a therapeutic community for female military veterans dealing with trauma-related issues that sometimes involve substance abuse." They're horrified by such a thing! "Are we all going to have neighbors like this for the rest of our lives?" one person huffed.
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