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Super-Fine Dwell Tour House in Silver Lake Wants $1.9 Million

Photos by Charmaine David and David Charbonier
Photos by Charmaine David and David Charbonier

This Silver Lake house is not just eye candy. Ok, maybe for those who cannot buy it, it is just eye candy, so let's savor this. Renovated by architect Glen Bell, the residence is furnished with custom steelwork and walnut cabinets. Though it appears to be surrounded by trees, it gets enough sun to necessitate an attractive brise-soleil to block the sunlight (that's those patterned brown pieces over the windows). The 1,906-square-foot main house holds two bedrooms and two bathrooms; the master bedroom takes up the entire top floor of the house and has its own outdoor shower and deck.

Large sliding glass doors dissolve the barriers between inside and out, though all the rooms link up to the giant deck that wraps around the house. (There's 1,875 square feet of "outdoor living space.") The property also includes a detached studio (which has its own deck, bathroom, and kitchen), a two-car garage, and landscaping with native plants. Featured on the Dwell on Design home tour in 2011, this pad is asking $1.895 million.

· 1855 Redcliff St. [Bryant|Reichling]
· 1855 Redcliff Street, Los Angeles, CA [Estately]