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19-Story Hotel Planned for Hollywood Jack in the Box Site

For years, The Little Jack In The Box That Could has been sitting at the corner of Sunset and Cahuenga, watching its surroundings blossom into a modern residential district of high-rise apartments and trendy dining. But alas, the dream may have finally died for what one poetically called "the worst restaurant in the world." According to Urbanize LA, plans have been filed with the city to build a 19-story hotel on the site.

The hotel is another in a long string of hotel developments coming to Hollywood in the next few years. It joins at least twelve other hotel projects in the works for the surrounding area.

R.D. Olson, a developer out of Irvine, bought the Jack in the Box property back in December of last year for $13.8 million, winning out over six very dogged bidders. RDO has developed many hotels for Marriott, but no branding has officially been put on this project. Their plan also calls for the tall structure to have at least one food and beverage venue (Jack in the Box redux??).

No timeline has been announced, but Jack in the Box has a lease on the property until 2019. So, grab those Jumbo Jacks while you still can!—Jeff Wattenhofer

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