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The Coliseum is the Only Venue That Definitely Wants to Host the NFL

The NFL has two decent chances to return to Los Angeles via competing plans for stadiums in Carson (the Chargers and Raiders) and Inglewood (the Rams), but a key part of getting a team is having a place for them to play while their huge new stadium is being built, and that's proving to be tricky. The Rose Bowl has already said no (they're focusing on a music and arts festival instead), and AEG's StubHub Center in Carson doesn't want to host a team either, says the LA Times. So far, the only venue that's officially hoping to host the NFL is Exposition Park's Coliseum.

Early on, the Coliseum was considered a front-runner in the temporary venue pool, so it's not too surprising that they're up to welcome a team, but it doesn't look good that they're basically the lone choice as the August 5 deadline for proposals closes in. Other possible interim stadium considerations—Angel Stadium and Dodger Stadium—aren't exactly gung-ho on the idea. Baseball stadiums doubling as football venues could be a logistical nightmare because of season overlap (football's early season games would be in August and September). Further complicating the situation is the uncertainty about exactly how many years LA's future team might need their temporary home.

A Times source says that both Angel and Dodger stadiums are "continuing a dialogue with the NFL but won't participate in the traditional proposal request process," though the Angels have said it would be "very difficult" for them to accommodate a team. Reps for Dodger Stadium— which was maybe working on a plan for permanent football stadium as recently as March—were mum.

The NFL doesn't seem too worried about any of this. "We've really just begun," says the NFL's vice president and "point man" on LA, adding that "Other, more complex opportunities could very well present themselves as the picture becomes clearer."
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