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*Mt. Washington Geodesic Dome for the Discerning Neo-Hippie Renting for $5,000

Geodesic domes often come with a kindergarten paint job (all the colors!) and lived-in look about them, much like this one did when it hit the market last summer. But since then, this unusual Mt. Washington house has been given a full makeover to make it fit in more with the hip, young neighborhood's aesthetic. Inside, the house has been painted one unified color (with a few tasteful accents), and given upgraded everything, especially in the kitchen, where a gleaming island with seating and fabulous counters compliment the new appliances.

The dome makes for some interesting angles in one of the showers, while the en-suite master bathroom has tilework in the shower, what appears to be reclaimed wood adorning the walls, and a side-by-side sink setup. The master bedroom is bright white and flooded with natural light. The three-bedroom house measures 1,666 square feet, plus a 472 square foot office area, and a 500 square foot deck. Rent is an even $5,000.

· 3936 Rome Ct Los Angeles CA 90065 [Figure8]