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12 Angry Neighbors Suing Kardashians For Emotional Distress Over Late-Night Fireworks Show

Last week, to celebrate the birthday of her boyfriend—densely-bearded basketball star James HardenKhloe Kardashian (along with family and friends) threw a party on a yacht that involved a fireworks spectacular at midnight on a Tuesday/Wednesday. Locals, many of whom were sleeping at the time, were confused and angry. A dozen nearby homeowners ("including several celebs"), still sore over being abruptly awakened, have decided to file a lawsuit in small claims court against both Khloe and her mom, Kris Jenner, says TMZ.

All the residents say they suffered "emotional distress" from the unexpected late-night explosions, and each is seeking the maximum amount allowed in small claims court ($7,500) from the two reality TV stars. One homeowner is also saying "her kid freaked out," while another "says she has MS and her condition has worsened since the incident."

Small claims court doesn't allow lawyers, so the irate neighbors expect that the Kardashians will have to show up in person, and that's just what they want. Their apparent objective in taking the issue to small claims at all is so they can "come face-to-face with Khloe, Kris and the others and confront them for conduct they say was rude and supremely selfish."

The Hollywood Reporter said last week that the Kardashians had received a Letter of Recommendation but not a permit for the fireworks show from the US Coast Guard. That letter didn't approve the fireworks display, but merely stated that it wasn't a danger to any of its physical surroundings.
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