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Take a Look at the First Three Gold Line Foothill Stations

Guests to the official website of the Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority are greeted now by a countdown clock to the completion of the six stations of the extension, which will run east from the Gold Line's current terminus in Pasadena out to Azusa. Today, it says 22 days—that's 22 days before the construction agency turns the extension over to Metro to start testing and operating the line. The Foothill Extension should open to riders sometime in 2016. The Irwindale station, just dedicated on Friday, is a milestone: it's the mid-way point, the third station to be dedicated out of the six, taking us that much closer to an alternative to a good-sized stretch of the 210 Freeway.

The Irwindale station, like the Duarte and Arcadia stations before it (and shown below) all have their names on the canopies over the platforms. They look a lot like the Gold Line stops earlier along this arm of the Gold Line, down to the unique, site-specific art at each station. Take a look around:

And the two stations that were dedicated earlier:

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