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See MacArthur Park Lake Filling Up With Giant, Colorful Balls

A public art project filling MacArthur Park Lake with thousands of big, bold beach balls kicked off this weekend, and it's estimated that 2,500 of these hand-painted, inflatable balls will be bobbing around in the park's waters by tomorrow. Portraits of Hope, an LA-based arts nonprofit got about 10,000 volunteers (many of them kids from local schools) to paint the colorful spheres.

The goal of this Portraits of Hope undertaking is to draw attention to the lake itself, and hopefully to make it a destination again; from all the photos on Instagram already, it seems to be working. The Spheres at MacArthur Park were in the works for about seven years before finally getting approval. The balls, which range from four to six feet in diameter, should remain in the lake for about four weeks.

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