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Watch the Future Tallest Tower in the West as it Grows Up in Time-Lapse

It seems like only yesterday the Wilshire Grand was nothing more than its concrete foundation, laid in a record-breaking pour (it was actually a year and a half ago). But now it's growing up and, now well into the 50-stories range, is really starting to look like what will one day be (including its spire) the tallest building in the West. We've seen periodic updates from the construction site, but mostly from the inside the structure looking out. Now, thanks to a video from Wilshire Grand Project/Turner Construction, there's a time-lapse, bird's-eye view of the construction and the steady rise of the Wilshire Grand from the outside.

Using images from a camera that went up in late 2012, during the deconstruction of the old Wilshire Grand, we're able to see how the building's grow between then and last week, when the most recent images were taken.

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Wilshire Grand

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