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How Many Griffith Parks Fit in Manhattan and 18 Other Super Handy Comparisons

Los Angeles is not terribly park-wealthy—its parks system tied for fifty-fifth place out of 60 of the country's largest cities—but its largest and most visited park, good old Griffith Park, is still a pretty good consolation prize. The 4,282-acre park sounds big, but it's not easy to conceive of what that many acres even means. To help us grasp the enormity of Griffith, the folks over at SpareFoot have laid the outline of the park over cities and landmarks across the globe to show how big (or, in most cases, small) the park is in comparison.

While Griffith isn't really swallowing up any cities (though it does take a good-sized chunk out of Manhattan), it's wild to see that in many cases, it wouldn't take very many Griffith Parks to take up a whole town. Aruba is only about four Griffiths! Paris is maybe about three and a half! The comparisons go on to include landmarks as far-flung as Beijing's Forbidden City.

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