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Enormous Unbuilt Penthouse Just Outside Beverly Hills Asking $50 Million

Courtesy of Genton Property Group

The Four Seasons Private Residences (formerly known as the Wetherly Residences) just outside of Beverly Hills haven't even broken ground yet, but already the developer is listing the penthouse atop the theoretical 12-story building for $50 million. The Wall Street Journal says that the expansive penthouse will measure 12,000 square feet and be "paparazzi proof": it will have a private keyless elevator that goes from the garage directly to the unit and will be operated by the owner's cell phone.

The penthouse will also have access to the rooftop, a 9,000-square-foot space where there may just be a garden and/or pool once the tower is constructed. It will be provided unfinished and unfurnished—because if you've got $50 million for a penthouse, you've probably got a decorator—but will have a solid foundation for that decorator to work with: marble or terrazzo flooring, "accordion walls of glass," and four balconies, the founder of developer Genton Property Group says.

Other residences in the 59-unit building will be townhouse and "one-floor" units, starting at $2.5 million, and four 5,000-square-foot spaces underneath the pricey penthouse that will be listed for $20 million each. And, again, even though nothing's been built yet, "17 prospective buyers have reserved units, which require a deposit of $100,000 to $1 million."

The condo building's name-change back to Four Seasons is unexpected considering that the Four Seasons Hotel, located just across the street from the planned condo complex, was really unhappy about the name sameness. *UPDATED 8/21: A press release today from developers says that the condos are Four-Seasons-brand condos, so the hotel chain and condos are related to each other. When developers began pulling permits to build about a year ago, the development seemed to be sticking with its alias, Wetherly Residences.

Whatever name they're going by then, the Four Seasons Private Residences are expected to break ground in October and be complete sometime in late 2017.
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Four Seasons Private Residences

300 S. Wetherly Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90048