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Mid-Century Modern by Architect Who Helped Design Disneyland's "House of the Future" Up For Rent in Pasadena

Floating up from the murky depths of Craigslist today is a notice for a mid-century modern in Pasadena's Linda Vista neighborhood designed by architect Vincent Bonini. A 1938 graduate of UCLA, Bonini apprenticed with Frank Lloyd Wright as a Taliesen Fellow and worked in the offices of Harwell Hamilton Harris and Smith & Williams before hanging out his own shingle. Bonini built a number of residences in La Canada, Pasadena, and La Jolla, but is most widely known for designing interiors of a home that was only around for a decade and never actually lived in—the Monsanto House of the Future at Disneyland. Like the Monsanto House, this one's glory days are long behind it, though it certainly seems to have the potential to reclaim them with the requisite amount of effort. Per the posting, the 2,332-square-foot modern features three bedrooms, two baths, "central A/C & heat, terrazzo, hardwood, tile & carpet floors," and a "half-acre lot with view of the Rose Bowl, city and mountains." There's also a not-terribly-inviting swimming pool, a garage, and motor court. Monthly rent for the unrestored residence is an audacious $4,000.

$4000 / 3br - 2332ft2 - Mid Century Modern, View, Pool [Craigslist]