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Here is the Los Angeles Hyperlapse Video to Watch If You Want to Feel Like You're on Club Drugs

Too scared to take club drugs? (Rightly so!) This vivid, inventive video of Los Angeles uses hyperlapse and time-lapse (plus some "self-developed tricks and techniques," says filmmaker Vadim Tereshchenko) paired with a trippy, relaxing soundtrack to give the viewer the sensation that they've ingested a controlled substance and are now at a beautiful party for one, where the venue is the entire city of Los Angeles and the effects of the drugs are STRONG. Did the neon lights of the ferris wheel at the Santa Monica Pier just pulsate in time to the music? Sure. The scenery moves with the rhythm, on beat, building to a crescendo of colors and sounds as the skyline of Downtown gets bigger and bigger. Wait—are there two moons in the sky, or just one, dancing? Why is every sign on Hollywood Boulevard flashing so urgently, so seizure-inducingly fast? Just when it feels like the sensory experience might be too much, the video fades out and is done. Much better than drugs.

Los Angeles Hyperlapse/Timelapse Compilation from Vadim Tereshchenko on Vimeo.

· Los Angeles Hyperlapse/Timelapse Compilation [Vimeo]