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Here is the Not-a-Fantasy Los Angeles Metro Rail Map of 2024

Earlier this year, we saw a Metro presentation that proposed changing the names of Metro's existing and under construction rail lines to letters instead of a potpourri of colors (Gold, Blue, Green) and street names (Expo, Crenshaw). Taking that idea and plugging in other available information (like the map Metro released for the twenty-fifth anniversary of Metro rail showing the future of the system), transportation planner Steve Borland created this unofficial fantasy (but likely an eventual reality) map on his blog, Calurbanist, showing what LA's future rail lines will look like once construction and renaming are both complete.

The map only goes up to 2024, so it doesn't show the Constellation/Avenue of the Stars station or the two before it along the Purple Line extension—they're scheduled to be complete in 2026. But it does show so much other good stuff, like the Crenshaw Line's link to LAX and the first part of the Purple Line extension that runs from Western to La Cienega. It's probably going to take some practice to start calling things by their new names once the change is made, so this is a good chance to get started. Last we heard, all Metro was waiting for was a plan on how to make the transition smoothly.

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