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This Is Just a Really, Really Awesome Los Angeles Drone Video

This drone video is special. Not just in the wide lens it casts on Los Angeles—capturing everything from obvious landmarks (Griffith Park, the Hollywood sign, the Santa Monica Pier) to lesser-known ones, like the Baldwin Hills oil derricks, the Felix the Cat car dealership sign, and murals and public art across the city—and not just because it manages to cram more than 100, beautifully-shot locations into one, short video. It's that on top of all that, it's also got a listenable soundtrack (an edit of Boo Boo Davis's "If You Ain't Never Had The Blues"), as opposed to the ridiculously dramatic stuff most drone videos have. For all of that, it is a standout winner.

Shot over several months by filmmaker/drone-flyer Ian Wood (who last year made a beautiful video of the Downtown LA views that you can't usually see), the video also comes with a companion map charting every location that makes an appearance. Think you can identify every spot that gets the drone spotlight? Quiz yourself!

Los Angeles from Ian Wood on Vimeo.

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